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6 easy work from home jobs


6 easy work from home jobs

With everything that's been going on lately around the world

more and more, businesses are moving online and that also means more and more people are willing to pay you to help them but what are the best online jobs you can do from your own home even if you don't have that much experience.

well I'm about to tell you

so let's jump into it now here are six work-from-home jobs that pay well


                                                         ONLINE TUTOR

6 easy work from home jobs

coming in at number one is to be an online tutor so we all know back in school we used to have tutors who would come and help you

with your mathematics or you are English they'd help you you know figure out the things that you didn't know

giving you a little bit of extra help that you might not be able to get while you're at school but in this day and age everything is moving online so what you would be able to do is teach people online using zoom calls or using skype calls pretty much anything and as an online tutor you can be making so much money you can easily charge 50 an hour 100 an hour even up to 500 an hour if you're good at what you do and the information is valuable to that person.



6 easy work from home jobs

at number two is to be a translator and this one gonna be obviously for people who know a second language but this is again one of these really valuable skills that not a lot of people have the option of but if you know how to speak a different language and you can quickly and easily translate documents you can quickly and easily translate videos and things. 

that is then definitely a valuable skill that you can make a lot of money with  as a translator you can easily make 50$

an hour even up to 100$ an hour translating different documents.


                                                     VIRTUAL ASSISTANT

6 easy work from home jobs

At number three there is a job you can do with absolutely no skill that pays well and that is to become a virtual assistant.

so what is a virtual assistant well it's essentially being an assistant

but doing it virtually so what you're going to be doing is jumping onto zoom calls skype calls and working with someone

else over the computer or over your phone.

so if you know how to use just basics you know zoom calls you to know how to use google docs to edit kinds of files and things like that

you can become a virtual assistant so the best way to find these virtual assistant jobs is  through a website called upwork.com

so upwork.com is amazing there's like so many jobs that you can do and they're all freelance based which means that you're going to be working on an hourly kind of way you're going to be a self-employed

kind of contractor and you're not going to be on a salary but the great thing is is that because it's freelance based you can get paid a

decent amount of money. 

but if you can learn some extra skills such as bookkeeping if you can write and if you can do social media well

you can earn a little bit more money as well so if you're a qualified kind of bookkeeper you know how to use QuickBooks or you might know how to use Xero you can make 40 $ an hour 50 $ an hour.



6 easy work from home jobs

coming in at number four is to be a Youtuber and I want to talk about this one because I'm passionate about youtube obviously, one of the great things about youtube is that you can make videos on just about anything in so many different niches but the great thing is that even if you've got a smaller channel let's say you've got a thousand subscribers maybe 5000 subscribers you can still make an incredible amount of money so the great thing with youtube is that you can also make money from so many different passive income streams because you've got people's eyeballs you because you've got people's attention.

so it's something that I would recommend.

being a Youtuber is a great at-home job.


                                                        VIDEO EDITOR

easy work from home jobs

now speaking of youtube if you know how to edit video this is one of the most highly sought after skills that people are willing to pay

and willing to pay a lot and that is to become a video editor

for someone's youtube channel or even kind of their Instagram and tick-tocks.

so if you've got access to something like iMovie or final cut pro or adobe premiere and you know how to edit and edit fast

you can be a really valuable source for a lot of people like myself who hire video editors because we don't have the

time to be able to edit the amount of content that we're putting out so if you do know how to edit you know how to do some basic kind of transitions.

I know a lot of friends who hire out video editors like I said before because they don't have the time to be able to edit all of the videos as well as shoot the videos and then also run a business at the same time so they'll play a video editor at least 100$ per video.

                                              SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER

easy work from home jobs

Number six is to be a social media manager for small businesses so if you're reading this blog, there's a good chance.
you know social media well you're probably using it every day Instagram TikTok youtube facebook even and you probably know it pretty well and to me, I think you know it well enough to be paid to do it the thing is is that there are a lot of businesses out there
who know that they need to be on social media to get a following to get more sales to get more people to know about their businesses
but unfortunately, a lot of people who own these businesses have no clue about social media so if you know how to use social media you know how to use tick-tock Instagram youtube these kinds of new social media which a lot of people don't know about especially if they're a little bit older you're quite valuable to them
so they'll pay you a decent amount of money to be their
social media manager so what would you be doing in this job well you'd pretty much just be posting content to their business Facebook page their Instagram page 
                                                     BONUS JOB!!!

all right for those of you who have stuck around you are legends you're going to be getting the bonus job here which I recommend everyone give it a go because it's probably the easiest way to make a little bit more money while you're at home and that is to do some voice overs over at fiverr.com so what is the voiceover well essentially it's just providing your voice to read some text and you can make really good money doing this so you might be saying well I don't have a good voice I'm not a professional voice over
people don't care what they want is your accent.
so if you've got an American accent there might be people in England who need some you know some content read out in an American accent that can work for you if you've got an Indian accent people are looking for that Indian accent for their kind of specific project.
so there you go
there were six work-from-home jobs that I think to pay well

good luck if you're going to be trying any of them.

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