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iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra - which one is best to Use?

The all-new Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Super Flagship. A Full Specifications and Features Comparison between the Powerful Mi 11 Ultra with Snapdragon 888 CPU vs iPhone 13 Apple with A15 Bionic CPU.

In this blog let's compare the basic specifications like which one should you get which one is best, either it is iPhone 13 Pro Max or Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra DISPLAY AND DESIGN 

So, in terms of display and design, we have a small notch on the iPhone 13 pro max which I won't defend because it does looks hideous apple used retina display, and this time it is a 120-hertz pro-motion with the ceramic coating on top so if you can ignore the notch it is amazing. overall the flat edges minimal chain

looks nice.

Xiaomi got a massive 6.81-inch high-resolution display with high

refresh rate a small punch hole on the top left corner with cord curved edges so this combination is something looks amazing. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra FINISHING

The iPhone 13 have got matte finish with a nice touch on the back Xiaomi mi 11 got a typical slim curve edge and glossy texture on the back Xiaomi also got a second display which you can use as a viewfinder to shoot selfies you can use it to see time messages so as an actual innovation I would say yeah I know inside display the software experience is equally important because this is what you will be taking a look at you will be using in your daily life.

so, miui vs ios and no doubt ios is far superior in terms of looks, privacy in terms of regular patches and bug fixes animations, and also in terms of the overall experience, yeah not to mention ios 15 itself comes with 10 sentences of new settings plus features miui is like inspired by ios but there are lots of bugs lots of ads and the worst part is their software support for even flagship devices is every 90 days.  

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Camera

Now comes the camera Xiaomi Milan ultra got to max out specs so 50 megapixels main with ois 48-megapixel periscope lens 48 megapixels super wide so again max out specs we have can take some amazing images in daylighting condition but as always Xiaomi is not good in artificial indoor lighting condition the skin tone or food images comes real bad.

the Apple iPhone have got 12 plus 12 plus 12 main telephoto and super-wide lens there is sensor-shift stabilization they got lidar which improves autofocus and low lighting condition we have prores and portrait mode videos coming in so they have lots of new software features in there apple is of course known for cameras they got natural images and skin tone also looks nice but a small issue I always had is their color focus in videos is crap.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra PERFORMANCE

Apple's 15 bionic CPU versus Xiaomi snapdragon 888 and you
all know snapdragon is known for overheating, the sad part is even Xiaomi mi 1 ultra with large sheet chambers cannot avoid heating
issue when using cameras or playing games are common in any phone with this Qualcomm CPU so yeah you can play with
max out graphics max outperformance for a few hours without any legs or hiccups it's gonna hit a lot and the performance
is gonna go down for sure.
The a15 CPU is you can see an efficient and better, as in a14
CPU in my daily usage of iPhone 12 I haven't found any heating issues when playing games or using cameras same will be the case with a 15 CPU.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra BATTERY LIFE?

Xiaomi got 5000 mah battery with 67 watts of fast charging iPhone 13 pro max have got 4352mah battery with not so fast 20 watts charging speed so I guess with one to 120-hertz display in action ios 15 and a15 CPU won't be any shocker iPhone is gonna give a better battery life cause even iPhone 12 pro max with a small battery is a battery champion the Qualcomm s888 and miui is a battery

heater yes of course 67 watts fast charging on meal and ultra is insane you plug-in wait 15 minutes and you get 40 to 50 percent battery easily.

Both have got ip68 reverse wireless charging 

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Security

iPhone got face id which is a very secure authentic system we have a 1TB storage option which is insane and satellite communication hardware which is awesome Xiaomi has got a fingerprint

scanner two displays and almost all basic flagship great specs. 

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