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Health Benefits Of Cycling

HEALTH BENEFITS OF CYCLING  focused sports woman riding bicycle in artificial smoke

Can you go a day without a ride on a bike?

That seems a little far-fetched to me, but that’s precisely what we’re all looking forward to.

This is a stressful world we live in, so a way of getting around a lot faster is always excellent, especially when you’re itching to go to the supermarket that you’ve missed for two days now.

One of the best ways to get around is by hopping on your bicycle, and I have to admit - it’s good for you in a lot of ways too. With that in mind, let me explain why cycling is one of the best ways to get around.

Cargo? Worry no more

Biking is easy to keep tidy (and I don’t mean that in a practical or means-tested way). There’s so much stuff lying around you, it’s hard to remember how much you have when you’re not riding.

Any surplus you have adds value to your bike. To put it another way, bicycle racks are quick and straightforward and are full of great brands. I would never have thought of buying my own racks, but once I’d found one that fit them, I spent an arm and a leg of money putting them on.

If you own a suburban house and there’s no central or centralized garage, you could probably resort to trashing your cupboards and take things or just turn them into cupboards that you can hoard your surplus into.

Health Benefits Of Cycling : woman and man riding on bicycle

You may not be tempted to do that, but think about all of the times you have not used your bicycle.

If you cycle every day, you’re storing a lot of stuff in your hands, which you will get rid of eventually. A lot of the things you see when you buy things on the shop shelf, or even when you visit physical shops, you’ll never use again.

However, a bike holds everything in one place: water, food, clothes, storage, gadgets, weather tools, bike tires, etc., etc.

Who wouldn’t love that?

Yes, bike racks definitely won’t change your lifestyle at all, but now you can come across excellent brands of whatever you buy, and put it in a handy place that you only need when you’re riding your bicycle.

Find stuff you already have

Even if you’re thinking of taking your bike somewhere that doesn’t have a bike rack for you to use in the future, my advice? Don’t.

The things you do find are totally worth the recycling, whether it’s the remnants of yesterday or even the fittings you find in your car.

I know I have a lot of crap in my cupboards and my car, so I won’t tell you what your car throws away, but let me tell you about my own car: my car is silver, the paint’s been scratched, fenders and sills have all been stained and want to get stuck on each other, and the seats and roof have filled up with crap.

At some point, you have to empty your cupboards so that you can rid your car of the things that make it unique to you.

Bike racks are so user-friendly, so if you do find yourself using a bike rack at some point in the future, it will be a very useful investment.

You can save money.

Firstly, if you take your bicycle to work, you’re contributing to a carbon footprint. There is nothing fun about riding your bike somewhere and turning it into diesel fumes, but knowing that your commuting saves you money is definitely excellent.

In urban areas, many bike racks are given as part of the infrastructure; if you own a car, don’t expect any money out of it in case you get into an accident. Obviously, being able to save money by not buying a car or investing in a costly electric bike is nice. Still, they’re an excellent way to help be green (and environmentally friendly) too.

Health Benefits Of Cycling : two man and women riding bicycle on road

Get out with friends.

Now I’m not saying your friends need to get on your bicycle, but for at least one week out of the year, if you can, you should visit the same place every Sunday to catch up on each other’s lives.

Imagine if you were riding around the same streets/homes every day as your friends, and then having someone join you.

It would be amazing if you could get that full weekend with your friends because then you could bond over something while your group is at home.

People on bikes are more likely to get the same things out as people on a train, bus, or public car because there are no barriers and everyone is familiar with the area.

You feel more relaxed.

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