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All About Tesla Phone : Tesla Neuralink


Tesla company is making Tesla phone. CEO Elon Musk insists that the tesla company is not just an automotive tech company. So, Elon musk companies are working on Tesla phone

Elon musk companies are not just automotive companies. Tesla isn't necessarily driven by the same underlying dynamics as the typical corporate juggernaut. 

Elon musk companies have unique factors driving it forward and its new concept idea for the Tesla phone is going to be a game-changer for the tech industry.

So, here's everything you need to know about the tesla phone model p or pi.

It's true indeed billionaire genius CEO Elon musk is known for speaking his mind rather it be his tweets that can cause rises and falls in the crypto market sarcastically.

Now elon musk has been showing his displeasure about certain smartphones causing a rift of rumors that he's contemplating starting his own production of phones called the tesla phone or tesla model p or pi. 

While this handheld smartphone key is only a concept it's likely a precursor to Elon musk's admittance into the cellular realm. 

The rumors began in an interview in 2020 musk was asked about whether technology automatically improves or not as usual.


Elon musk remarks on iPhone

Musk wasn't shy to express his opinion and in the process, he had to disclose his displeasure. Elon musk remarks on iPhone at the software updates on iPhonehe claimed that the updates actually broke his email system.

Elon musk continued and said people are used to the phone being better every year. 

Although musk didn't specify which iPhone he was using at that time or point out which ios version led to his email system malfunction. 

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It was probably the ios 13 because a lot of users have complained about bugs including one in apple's mail app in 2018. 


Tesla phone

How the tesla phone is going to be a game-changer Elon musk knows that if he actually does enter the cell phone industry he'll have to stay true to his word and make his phones extraordinary, after all he's the one who said phones should be able to make people happier.

For this purpose, the plan is to fully emerge cars with phones cars are already slowly becoming less about hardware and more about software and since Elon's tesla has been dominating the automotive industry. 

This move to create software-defined vehicles seems ordained and since tesla has always been eyeing vehicle electrification and autonomous driving.

This unison will change the automotive 
industry inventors should already have this game-changer in their signs imagine getting in your car and communicating with your car via phone to take you to any place you need to go. 

It's been said 
at cars are still in the rotary phone stage or perhaps the flip phone stage but still one of those stages where you had to push the button three times to get one letter when sending a text message but with tesla's pioneered over-the-air updates your vehicle will be connected to the web via your smart tesla phone. 

Ford motor

As a matter of fact, ford motor also announced a plan to set up new businesses around connecting its commercial vehicles investors loved the news, and ford motors' plan wasn't long before ford stock rose nine percent.

So, Elon musk companies more than likely won't back down or backtrack on this concept therefore more automakers are likely to pursue a tesla-like approach as well software-centric vehicles are the future and the tesla phone might surely be the key controller.

Elon musk companies can improve power output with software and since the software-defined vehicle trend is still in the early stages it still has a long way to run but in the end, the car industry could be heavily influenced by phones.


Tesla Neuralink

The tesla phone or model p will be able to connect directly to the brain via Tesla neuralink letting you input all commands just by thinking them. 

Developers consider that in cases of injury brain commands might be best since verbal communication can easily be distorted especially during times of high adrenaline or in situations where background noise can't be avoided.

When these concepts become reality are you planning to ditch your current smartphone model and jump on the tesla phone. 

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