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Covid-19: How Serious Is the New Omicron Variant?


Omicron Variant

All the credit goes to South African scientists and scientists across Europe for not only detecting this but using social media in a good way to spread all the information that they have about a new variant of covid-19 called the omicron variant.

We criticize social media a lot about misinformation but this is an example of how good it can be when it comes to spreading the right information.

Where-did-the-New-Covid-variant-( Omicron Variant )-come from_

Where did the New Covid variant ( Omicron Variant ) come from?

We know that just before Thanksgiving, it became obvious that there was in South Africa a new variant (Omicron Variant) that had an abnormally high number of mutations across its gene was detected.

But in particular in the spike protein which is the target for the vaccines that are being distributed globally. 


How Serious Is the New Omicron Variant?

The South African public health officials realized that one of their PCR tests could actually serve as a surrogate for this variant and if you use that data.

It seems like this Omicron Variant is increasing at an incredibly fast pace across areas of South Africa and multiple provinces of South Africa.

So, that was the real significant piece that caused this to get on everybody's radar screen. 


The Pfizer vaccine is much used around the world, the scientists of the Pfizer vaccine are just giving us some time scales around what they're going to do next for the omicron variant.

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They might expect data from lab tests on the new variants of covid-19 in two weeks.

Depending on that lab data may require vaccine adjustments, which gives us a sense that we will know then in the next couple of weeks just how well in a lab environment the Pfizer vaccine will stand up to this omicron variant.  

But now is the time to actually go out and do something proactive. 


If you haven't gotten your booster go get your booster if you haven't gotten your vaccine, go get your vaccine because by the time this omicron variant becomes a global threat. 

Now is the time to act to try to do something to help curb the impact of this omicron variant.

So, it just serves as a reminder that we have tools, that we have to use efficiently.

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