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Top 7 Instagram updates you may not know about



                    Instagram latest updates

Instagram never ceases to amaze us.

While the rest of the world struggles to remain afloat in these difficult economic times, it's great to watch how Instagram is swiftly creating new features and functions to address pressing business challenges and help people support their favorite firms.

We prepared a list of Top 7 Instagram updates you may not know about.


1. Hot off the press feature

The first Instagram update is hot off the press, 
it's actually about your Instagram stories.

So it's not really officially launched but they're officially testing.

This Hot off the press feature is basically a feature that allows you to record 60-second stories.

It might not sound that exciting but have you ever recorded an Instagram story or just an Instagram video on your camera and then try to upload it to your stories and then it gets broken down into those 15-second segments and it's really frustrating.

Well from now on it will still get broken down but only into 60-second segments. So, again it might not be the most glamorous of Instagram updates for people but I'm actually really excited by this hot off the press feature.


2. Rage Shake feature

So, the next Instagram update is an interesting one,  it's called the rage shake feature essentially it is if you're getting annoyed with Instagram

So, if you're on Instagram right now and getting annoyed with it, you can just shake your phone and a message will pop up saying like what's going on? Is there something wrong with Instagram? let us know what you're experiencing.

so it's a way for you to give instant feedback to the platform. 

But it only exists in the United States. So, if you immediately picked up your phone and started doing this and realize that it doesn't work in your region. Then don't worry it's only available in the United States.


3. Carousel Feature

Another really useful Instagram update is the carousel feature. So, now you can officially post the carousel to a series of photos to your Instagram and you can actually edit and remove one of those photos after you've posted it which you've never been able to do before.

But it seems like a really obvious thing that you should have been able to do for a long time they've never got around to doing it, but now you can actually edit your Instagram carousels and edit the Instagram photos that you have already uploaded after they've gone live.


4. Take A Break Feature

So, this new Instagram update is called take a break feature. It's something that's not launched yet they're just testing it.

It allows you to set up reminders on Instagram. So, that if you've been on the app for a certain amount of time you get a notification saying you know you've been on the app for x amount of time maybe you should take a break, and then it's also supposedly going to have expert-backed tips. 

So, some super smart people who know loads about taking a break are going to provide you with tips on what you can be doing during that break.

This is going to help you make the most of your time away from Instagram. So, it's basically like a great one for your mental health.

We hope they kind of hurry up and get it rolled out to everyone as soon as possible.

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5. Add your sticker to the stories feature

Another Instagram update is the add your sticker to the stories. This feature was picked up and used by people super quick like the second it was released.

saw it on so many people's stories which I'm sure Instagram is like absolutely throwing a party over because that is like their dream.

So, add your sticker in case you've not seen it yet, this latest Instagram update allows you to create a thread on your Instagram story.

Benefits of this feature:

So, you add the add your sticker and you encourage other people to add their own photo or content which is related to whatever your content is.
It essentially allows people to respond to your story with their own content and their own version of whatever you're talking about and it creates a bit of a chain. 
And it's a really great feature for brands in particular. It is a great way to engage your audiences and get them involved with the different types of content that you're sharing. 


6. Upload content onto Instagram from your desktop

The next Instagram update is again a boring one but an obvious one that should have existed for a while.
You can now upload content onto Instagram from your desktop.

Instagram finally made it possible for you to upload content to your Instagram page from your desktop.

So, if you want a business Instagram account or anything like that I feel like you're the people who will really benefit from this update because you can keep your Instagram management on your desktop alongside all the other work.

The mobile app is still a lot more powerful than the desktop one. 
So,you can upload content from your desktop but it doesn't mean that you can wave goodbye to being on your phone and on your Instagram. 

7. Instagram Video

So, a final Instagram update for the day is all about the Instagram video. 

Instagram is obviously focusing a lot on their video feature, they're trying to compete with youtube and TikTok and whatever else.

You may have already noticed that Instagram igtv is no more and now it's just instagram videos. 

So, all of your videos regardless of whether they were Instagram igtv or whether they were just videos, that you posted to your grid. They are all now going to sit under your video section. 

Now that's not the Instagram update for today because this feature is being launched a couple of months before. The update for today is more about how the Instagram video feature looks in your feed now.

When you scroll through your home feed now. When you see an Instagram video pop up it will be far more immersive. 

  1. It will take up the whole screen if it's vertical. 
  2. Also when you tap on that video it's going to take up the entire screen. So, it will open up the entire screen and so you'll have a far more immersive experience.
  3. In addition to this, the preview time for your videos is now 60 seconds, it previously used to be a lot shorter. 
  4. One of the biggest changes in the Instagram video is to do with the discoverability of videos. Now, if you've clicked on a video and it's taken up your whole screen, you can scroll and by doing that and scrolling you're going to see more videos.  


This Instagram update is super significant because it's going to result in your Instagram videos being viewed by more people.

Instagram is making it easier for people to browse and view and watch videos.

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