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China's Artificial Moon in 2022: A Reality or just Hype


China plans to launch an artificial moon in 2022. But is it just hype or reality?

From military applications to city illumination, the purported benefits of an artificial moon are numerous. However, this project also raises many ethical questions about the implications of engineering a natural phenomenon for human interests.

This article discusses some of these pros and cons in an effort to better understand this ambitious endeavor.


The Pros of China's Artificial Moon

The construction of an artificial moon, or “artificial satellite” as China calls it, could have a number of benefits to China and the rest of the world.

For Example:

1. The satellite could be used as a general light source for people living in northern and southern regions that do not receive adequate sunlight.

This would help shift agriculture production to those areas, which could increase food security.

2. The artificial moon would be able to synchronize with Earth's rotation so as to provide round-the-clock illumination.

This ability would also allow for uninterrupted economic activity at night.


China plans to launch an artificial moon by 2022 and experts believe that this project will be successful due to its effective engineering and technology development.

However, experts were quick to point out that there is no guarantee that this project will take off. It’s still at a very early stage and must overcome many challenges before it reaches fruition.

These were just examples of how building an artificial moon can result in positive consequences for certain regions of the world.

The-Cons-of-China-Artificial Moon

The Cons of China's Artificial Moon

There are many ethical implications that come with an artificial moon.

For Example:

1. Fake moons may distract animals that rely on the moon's cycles for survival.

2. The wrong light spectrum can disrupt ecosystems and make them less productive, which will have an impact on the Earth's environment.

We don't yet know what effect an artificial moon will have on humans, but it could be possible that living close to a fake moon could disrupt people's sleep cycle.

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China's artificial moon could be a reality in 2022, but it could also just be hype.

The pros are that it would provide more light at night, which would provide economic benefits.

The cons are that it would also block the stars in the sky.

The world will have to wait and see if it becomes reality in 2022.

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