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The Russian government has banned Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Is YouTube next?


We're addressing the present issue with Russia's sanctions in reference to the
Ukraine crisis. In reaction to Facebook's weird new policy change, Russia has decided to ban Instagram. 

About a week ago, on 4-march-2022 Facebook and Twitter were banned

But Is it safe to assume that YouTube will also be blocked in Russia as a result of all of this? 

We have some pessimistic forecasts. Let's have a discussion about it.


We are not sure about the future of youtube in Russia till now as Russia has officially announced on the 13-march-2022 that they're going to completely ban Instagram on the territory of Russia. 

And not only that but Twitter and Facebook the company which is now called meta is going to be now considered as an extremist organizations on the territory of russia

Now at this point, there are very interesting reasons why it happens and they need to be discussed but also looking at these brands, we feel like youtube is in some trouble too. 

Before we get to the discussion, we think that youtube will actually get banned in Russia.


let's talk about why Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter got banned?

what exactly happened with Facebook and Twitter is that Facebook placed a lot of restrictions on Russian state media on their platform.

for example:
Not allowing them to monetize their content probably pushes them out of recommendations and things like that.

Also, a lot of Russian state media and Russian state-affiliated media accounts on Twitter and Facebook basically got banned by the meta company.

So, restricting media like Russia today on western platforms would basically come with repercussions from the Russian side.

Russia had the position of if you ban their state media on your platform, they can probably ban your platform in their country so Facebook and Twitter have been banned in Russia for like a week now.

In 13-march-2022 Russia has officially announced that they're going to ban Instagram. So let's discuss why it happens and this directly ties into youtube as well.

This all began when Reuters released a statement claiming that in the inner workings of Facebook and Instagram, such as emails sent to moderators and other moderation personnel, the rules regarding hate speech and inciting violence were virtually modified.


This is where youtube comes in let's discuss if this is gonna happen to youtube as youtube has already cut off Russia from ads completely. So, anybody who's in Russia is not getting ads on youtube right now.

Every Russian has an ad-block at this point and also youtube is cutting off youtube premium and super chats and all these paid features youtube has from Russians.

Read more on our blog:

To summarize it what this means is that Russian YouTubers whose you know the entire audience is mainly Russian. These people are not able to make revenue anymore because the views they get in from Russia are not getting any ad playback so there's no revenue for them.

Also, there's a problem with adsense in Russia, since youtube said that users from Russia can no longer register for new adsense accounts.

With the speed at which everything is moving every day, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, and no one knows what the future of YouTube in Russia will be.

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  4. We think maybe it's the political issue of the company or government. We think it's internal mater of government.

  5. We think maybe it's the political issue of the company or government. We think it's an internal matter of government with the Organization.